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Renewing the Opportunity for Prosperity: Economic Freedom Zones

The Honorable Rand  Paul

The Honorable Rand Paul
U.S. Senator
State of Kentucky

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Senator Rand Paul will unveil his new legislative proposal to remove bankrupt Detroit and other economically blighted areas from poverty and the shackles of big government. The political legacy of tax increases, higher regulation, and unsustainable financial decisions have led cities such as Detroit into bankruptcy, and countless other cities into a rut of high unemployment and poverty. Senator Paul plans to unveil a proposal that gets government out of the way and provides new opportunities for prosperity.
  • Meeting Date: Friday, December 06, 2013
  • Time: 11:30 a.m.
  • Location: MotorCity Casino Hotel


 Dorothy E. Deremo

Dorothy E. Deremo President & CEO
Hospice of Michigan


Speaker Biography

The Honorable Rand Paul   
Dr. Rand Paul is the junior United States Senator for Kentucky. Elected in 2010, he has proven to be an outspoken champion for constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility, and a warrior against government overreach. Among his first legislative proposals: cutting $500 billion in federal spending and a plan to balance the federal budget in just five years. He has since introduced similar bills with growing support. In the Senate, Rand serves on the Foreign Relations, Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, Homeland Security and Government Affairs, and Small Business Committees.

A graduate of Duke University School of Medicine, Rand was a practicing ophthalmologist in Bowling Green, Ky., for 17 years.

In 1995, he founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, an organization that provides eye exams and surgery to needy families and individuals. Today, even as a U.S. Senator, he continues to provide pro-bono eye surgery to Kentuckians in need of care.

Rand has been a vocal advocate for term limits, a balanced-budget amendment, a Read the Bills Act, and an audit of the Federal Reserve. He has gained prominence for his independent positions on many political issues.

Rand has been married for 23 years to Kelley Ashby of Russellville, Ky., and they have three sons. He is the son of former Republican Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas.