Career Readiness Academy 2019

Below are brief summaries of lessons from each session. The Student Resource Page at the bottom contains links that were used in respective sessions.

East Detroit

The DEC and participating students would like to acknowledge the following CRA Sponsors



Session 1 Focus: Personal Brand

The 2019 CRA launched with an all-schools-together session on Personal Branding.  DEC Board Member John Fikany energized and mesmerized students with entertaining stories of the importance of authenticity and kindness.





Session 2 Focus: LinkedIn

Building on the topic of Personal Branding, students created LinkedIn profiles during this session. Then YL mentors helped students understand the role of LinkedIn and how it can benefit their future careers.


Session 3 Focus: Career Assessment

During this session, students focused on exploring ways to discover careers and the range of careers. In addition, they were taught to develop an awareness on how society and technology may impact future careers.