Career Readiness Academy 2019

The Detroit Economic Club’s Career Readiness Academy is a 7-month program that brings high school and Young Leader (YLs) members together for monthly meetings that aim to teach skills that will help the students effectively navigate their high school journey to find greater success in the working world. The same team of YLs and students meet each month which not only provides the opportunity for more personalized attention but also forges important mentor-mentee relationships.

Below are brief summaries of lessons from each session.

East Detroit

The DEC and participating students would like to acknowledge the following CRA Sponsors


Presenting Sponsor





Participating Schools

  • Advanced Technology Academy
  • AGBU Alex & Marie Manoogian
  • Cody DIT
  • Dakota High School
  • De La Salle Collegiate High School
  • Divine Child High School
  • Frontier International Academy
  • Harrison High School
  • International Academy East
  • Jalen Rose Leadership Academy
  • Madison High School
  • Melvindale High School
  • Northville High School
  • Oak Park High School
  • Regina High School
  • Southeastern High School of Technology and Law
  • Southfield Senior High School for the Arts and Technology
  • Utica Academy for International Studies

Session 1 Focus: Personal Brand

The 2019 CRA launched with an all-schools-together session on Personal Branding.  DEC Board Member John Fikany energized and mesmerized students with entertaining stories of the importance of authenticity and kindness.





Session 2 Focus: LinkedIn

Building on the topic of Personal Branding, students created LinkedIn profiles during this session. Then YL mentors helped students understand the role of LinkedIn and how it can benefit their future careers.


Session 3 Focus: Career Assessment

During this session, students focused on exploring ways to discover careers and the range of careers. In addition, they were taught to develop an awareness on how society and technology may impact future careers.


Session 4 Focus: Career Exploration

This session focused on understanding career economics, career education/training, personal budgets and the impact of choices.

Session 5 Focus: Advanced Manufacturing + Skilled Trades + Emergency Services Training

Students traveled to Oakland Community College (OCC) - Auburn Hills Campus to learn about the vast opportunities in advanced manufacturing, skilled trades and emergency services.


Session 6 Focus: Interview Skills

Students were taught basic interview skills and practiced their elevator pitches.


Session 7 Focus: YL Place of Employment

Students visited one of their Young Leader Mentor's workplace and practiced networking and professional etiquette.


Session 8 Focus: Debrief and Staying Connected

Young Leaders and students evaluated their CRA experience and implemented an action plan on how to sustain the connections they made through CRA.


Session 9 Focus: CRA Graduation

Students utilized the skills they learned in CRA at a DEC meeting by networking and delivering their elevator pitch to DEC Members.