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Robots Won’t Take Your Job, But They Will Change It!

11:30 AM

Westin Book Cadillac

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2018-10-23 11:30 2018-10-23 13:30 America/Detroit DEC Meeting: Robots Won’t Take Your Job, But They Will Change It! Westin Book Cadillac Detroit Economic Club info@econclub.org

Ranjit de Sousa


Lee Hecht Harrison

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About This Meeting

Anxiety levels run high in discussions concerning the alarming, potential impacts the future of AI may bring. How many jobs will be taken away? How many honorable livelihoods today will be replaced by a machine that can do the tasks at a higher rate of production, with wider profit margins, and a quicker response to shifting business strategies? The concern is understandable – a natural fear of the unknown – but misguided. There is real change coming in the workplace, a kind and extent rarely seen before in history.

A confluence of trends, three in particular, are going to demand fast adaptation from many organizations around the world. Join Ranjit de Sousa to learn about these changes and trends so you can consider how they may be best applied to your organization. Mr. de Sousa will argue the way through is to embrace the change, not hide from it. The race will be won by the most flexible.

Meeting Agenda

11:30 a.m. Speaker Reception

12:00 p.m. Lunch

12:35 p.m. Program

1:30 p.m Adjourn

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Meredith Krupic

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