YL Service Opportunities

“The Career Readiness Academy was fantastic.  Not only was I able to connect on a personal level with other young professionals who are passionate about the community, but more importantly our team connected with a great group of high school students.  Seeing their growth from the first class to academy “graduation day” was an unbelievably rewarding experience.” – Derek Shinska, YL Board Member

DEC Young Leaders (YL) have unique volunteer opportunities to positively impact high school and college students.

Career Readiness Academy: YLs can volunteer to mentor high school students in the DEC’s Career Readiness Academy.    This 6-month program brings high school and Young Leader members together for monthly sessions that teach career readiness skills such as how to sell yourself, personal brand and  interview skills.  Young Leaders are assigned to a peer team that visits the same high school students once a month for six months.  Click here to see a short video on the DEC’s 2017 Career Readiness Academy.  For more information or to become a volunteer please send an email to info@econclub.org

Young Leaders of the Detroit Economic Club with students of International Academy East at their facility in Troy, Michigan, on Friday, April 29, 2016. (Photo by Jeff Kowalsky, Detroit Economic Club)


Share Your Career Path Story: YLs can volunteer to talk about their career paths and answer questions about your industry at a regular DEC meeting.  At every DEC meeting 80 high school and college students attend a Student Reception where they have a special q & a session with the DEC speaker of the day prior to the lunch and program. At the conclusion of the q & a session YLs can share their career path experiences with the students prior to the lunch. Students love hearing anecdotes and stories from people not that far removed from their age.  It’s a terrific way for you to invest 30 minutes that might end of changing a student’s life!  For more information or to become a volunteer please send an email to info@econclub.org

Hans Engel, Chairman & CEO of BASF Corporation addresses the Detroit Economic Club meeting held at the Detroit Athletic Club in Detroit, Michigan, on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. (Photo by Jeff Kowalsky, Detroit Economic Club)

Derek Shinska