Member Meeting

19th Annual Detroit Lions Kickoff Luncheon!

11:30 AM

Ford Field

About This Meeting

Detroit Lions Quarterback Matt Stafford and Detroit Lions Cornerback Rashean Mathis addressed the Detroit Economic club this Wednesday, September 2, 2015 about the Detroit Lions’ upcoming season and playing for Coach Caldwell.

Stafford said, “We follow that guy. It’s a week to week business and that’s the way we play. That’s the way we prepare. That’s the way we do everything. Honestly, it makes it easy on us. I think he does it for that reason. If we have one thing to focus on, we are going to focus on it a whole lot better than if we have a bunch of things to focus on. He does a great job of leading us and that’s why we follow him.”

Mathis said, “It’s about standing and building a foundation. We know that we’re climbing a mountain, but we know that something has been laid. We know it’s on solid ground. We just have to do what we need to do as players because the coaches; they put the time in. We trust the system that they built for us. As players, we have to trust each other.”

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