Member Meeting

America’s Bitter Pill

11:30 AM

Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center

Steven Brill

Author and Attorney

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Michael Freed

President & CEO

Priority Health

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Nancy Schlichting

Chief Executive Officer

Henry Ford Health System

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About This Meeting

Author and attorney Steven Brill, President and CEO of Priority Health Michael Freed and CEO of the Henry Ford Health System Nancy Schlichting spoke to the Detroit Economic Club Thursday, April 30th, 2015, regarding the Affordable Care Act.

Brill said, “We are the only country that lives under the illusion that healthcare is a marketplace good that can work like any other.”

Freed added, “I tend to be a free marketer. I think that you can create a market around healthcare. Have we had it today? No, we haven’t had it my whole career.”

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Presiding Officer

Mindi Fynke

Founder & CEO

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Chuck Stokes

Director, Editorial & Public Affairs

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