Young Leader Meeting

YL Professional Development Seminar: Confident Communication

8:00 AM

Alzheimer’s Association – Greater Michigan Chapter

Results-Based Leadership: Confident Communication

Presented by: Stephanie Murphy


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About This Meeting

DEC Young Leaders took part in a Professional Development Seminar on April 18, 2018 where they learned how to communicate confidently. The sold-out event skillfully presented by Stephanie Murphy, Leadership Consultant with ADVISA.

YLs started their morning with a terrific networking opportunity before Stephanie energetically kicked off the seminar with insights on the key components that play a major role in communication. Throughout the session, YLs broke out into small groups to identify who they are, who are they engaging with, and develop a networking communication strategy to achieve their goals.

YLs in attendance gained awareness on how the development of self-awareness, self-management, and engaging others plays a major role in achieving results.

Many thanks to Stephanie for empowering YLs to communicate effectively and the Alzheimer’s Association – Greater Michigan Chapter for their hospitality!

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