Young Leader Meeting

DEC Young Leader Series: Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival

4:00 PM

Wasserman Projects

About This Meeting

DEC Young Leaders were treated to a unique late afternoon meeting on June 17, 2016 which featured exclusive Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival performances. The meeting was held at the avant-garde Wasserman Projects in Eastern Market.

After networking with musicians and strolling the interesting gallery, Young Leaders heard some amazing musical performances. Artistic Director and Welsh-born cellist Paul Watkins provided context and connective tissue as accomplished musicians took turns performing the same British folk song.

In successive segments, the theme was sung by a traditional folk singer, performed in classical version for cello and piano, improvised on by a jazz ensemble and realized by a local electronic/techno artist.

Many thanks to Evan and Gwen Weiner, Maury Okun, Garry Wasserman, Paul Watkins and his impressive musicians for their generosity and for making this meeting possible.

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