Young Leader Meeting

DEC Young Leader Series: Rich Homberg

4:30 PM

Location TBD

Rich Homberg

President & CEO

Detroit Public Television

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About This Meeting

DEC Young Leaders enjoyed a breakfast meeting with Rich Homberg, President & CEO, Detroit Public Television (DPTV) and DEC Board Member. The sold-out meeting was held at DPTV’s headquarters on December 4, 2014.

Rich shared stories about his career path which include executive radio jobs in Philadelphia and New York City before landing in Detroit. Woven throughout his program were anecdotes focused on one of Rich’s main messages: Make the Call – pick up the phone and talk to people who can help make a difference when you have an idea, need help or seek an opportunity.

He also offered terrific advice and examples on how to treat your job as if you were the business owner, understand and own your personal brand and value and a unique approach to negotiations.

A Q & A session followed with questions focused on DPTV and its strategy with new media and how DPTV uses its reach to tackle tough issues and conversations. Afterwards, Young Leaders enjoyed a tour of DPTV and their mobile truck studio.

Many thanks to Rich and DPTV for their generosity and for making this meeting possible.

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