Young Leader Meeting

DEC Young Leader Series

4:30 PM

Detroit Free Press HQ

Joyce Jeneraux

Joyce Jenereaux

President & Publisher

Michigan.com/Detroit Free Press

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About This Meeting

DEC Young Leaders enjoyed a late afternoon meeting with Joyce Jenereaux, President & Publisher – Detroit Free Press, and President – Michigan.com, on February 18, 2016. The sold-out meeting was held at the Detroit Free Press headquarters in downtown Detroit.

Joyce started the program with eye-opening statistics about the reach and engagement of the media properties she is responsible for throughout Michigan. After discussing her unconventional career journey from grocery store cashier to CPA to her current role as the head of the largest media marketing company in the state, Joyce shared nine lessons she learned along the way.  She encouraged Young Leaders to be proactive about reinventing themselves both personally and professionally, to make a list of every position and role they have held to visually see their progress and help chart the next chapter of their personal lives and professional careers.

A Q&A session followed which included advice on her approach to her first leadership position and discussions on guiding her team through industry changes. Afterwards, Young Leaders enjoyed exclusive access to the Detroit Free Press newsrooms where they talked with editors, reporters and other newsroom personnel.

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