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Deregulation and Environmental Protection: Why Updating, Streamlining, and Modernizing Regulations Is Critical to Environmental Protection

11:30 AM

MotorCity Casino Hotel

The Honorable Andrew Wheeler


Environmental Protection Agency

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EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler addressed the Detroit Economic Club and discussed the administration’s approach to modernize, simplify and streamline regulations to create greater certainty and promote innovation. Providing clarity on standards related to fuel emissions, drinking water and the stewardship of the Great Lakes is crucial not only for the environment, but for the American economy as well.

“Deregulation does not always mean rolling back rules,” said Wheeler. “More often than not, it means modernizing or simplifying or streamlining regulations. And that is what creates greater regulatory certainty. And greater certainty gives the American public the ability to do what they do best: Innovate, create and produce cleaner, safer technologies.”



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