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A Deep Dive with Ed Bastian

11:30 AM

MotorCity Casino Hotel

Ed Bastian

Chief Executive Officer

Delta Air Lines

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On Wednesday, Nov. 15, Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian addressed the Detroit Economic Club and discussed Delta’s focus on customer experience, technology, mergers and international competition. On the subject of aligning partner airlines such as Aeroméxico and China Eastern, Bastian explained Delta’s goal of consistent service and amenities.

“From a customer standpoint, we want to align the experiences so they can bring their technology and experiences for you, to try to bring that as aligned as possible in eliminating those seams and technology gaps,” said Bastian.

One of Bastian’s concerns for international expansion, is the enforcement of the Open Skies Agreement. According to Bastian, a few government-subsidized Middle East airlines are violating the agreement which negatively impacts U.S. airlines. “If this continues on, this expansion by the Middle East carriers, the industry – not just Delta – will continue to lose a majority of their international flights because they will continue to expand and grow and drop prices,” Bastian stated.




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