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The Imperative of Rebuilding Trust in American Business

11:30 AM

Westin Book Cadillac

George Barrett

Chairman & CEO

Cardinal Health

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Chairman & CEO of Cardinal Health George Barrett addressed the Detroit Economic Club on Thursday, November 30, 2017, and stressed the importance of businesses building, and maintaining, trust in their communities and with those they serve. 

“People are essentially saying to us that business has the platform, and the opportunity, to do things that are not only good for their business but are good for the society around them and the communities around them,” said Barrett. “Those are powerful builders of trust. So, I see this as a little bit of the light bulb. Essentially, we are being told we have the opportunity, if we are willing to take it, to lead. And I personally believe as business leaders we have not done as much as we could, but there are some wonderful examples, and maybe we will come back to that, of companies in recent years willing to do this.”



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