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If America Doesn’t Stand for Free Trade, Who Does?

11:30 AM

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The Honorable Joseph Hockey

Ambassador to the United States of America

Embassy of Australia

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Australia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Joseph Hockey spoke to the Detroit Economic Club on Monday, November 21, 2016, to promote free trade. According to Ambassador Hockey, America must continue trading freely with other nations to maintain its role as a global and regional leader.

Providing perspectives on the global economy and the impact free trade and the Trans-Pacific Partnership can have on the U.S., Ambassador Hockey strongly encouraged America’s support.

“America’s prosperity has been built on open and free markets, and participation in global commerce,” said Ambassador Hockey. “If you want to be as prosperous as you have been in the past, you’ve got to sell goods overseas.” e his knowledge of  how Australia’s success has been achieved and the lessons that can be learned from his country’s free trade experience.

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