Member Meeting

Michigan Economic Outlook 2015

11:30 AM

MotorCity Casino Hotel

Michael Finney

Senior Adviser - Economic Growth

State of Michigan

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Rodrick Miller

President & CEO

Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

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About This Meeting

Detroit Economic Growth Corporation President and CEO Rodrick Miller and State of Michigan Senior Advisor of Economic Growth Michael Finney addressed the Detroit Economic Club Thursday, January 8th, 2015, about Michigan’s economic outlook.

Miller said, “Where we need to move to is a place where investors are saying, ‘I have to be in the city of Detroit because the economic conditions of the city are such that we can be more profitable and grow our business in a way that makes sense.'”

Finney said, “I think that Detroit, just like the rest of our state, should really buy into the fact that we are best-in-class at making things and start to re-invest in becoming the best location in the world for making things.”

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The Honorable Sandy Baruah

President & CEO

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