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Giving Up the Wheel: The Future of Mobility and Its Impact on Michigan

11:30 AM

Westin Book Cadillac

David C. Dauch

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


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Matt Simoncini

President & Chief Executive Officer

Lear Corporation

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James Verrier

President & Chief Executive Officer

BorgWarner Inc.

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About This Meeting

David C. Dauch, Chairman & CEO of AAM; Matt Simoncini, President & CEO of Lear Corporation, and James Verrier, President & CEO of BorgWarner Inc. addressed the Detroit Economic Club on Tuesday, February 14, 2017, and talked about how the future of mobility can impact Michigan and Detroit.

“Mobility is an evolution, first of all,” said Verrier. “This is not going to be one of those moments where you wake up and everyone is driving autonomous vehicles. People talk about autonomous and they talk about rideshare, connected vehicles and then you talk about efficiency. Mobility is a broad subject and each of those four things are very interactive. They all connect.”

Dauch touched on how Detroit is playing a role in mobility developments. “It is a transformational time in the auto industry as it is in Detroit,” said Dauch. “We should all be excited on what is in front of us from a future standpoint in Michigan and the city of Detroit. We need to be the mobility leader.”

Simoncini wrapped up the conversation by touching on the competition Detroit is facing. “It is a competition between us and others,” said Simoncini. “We need to grab our birthright and leverage it. We have been through the best of times, we have been through the worst of times and now we have a golden opportunity. This is the industry that designs and creates jobs. If we do not pull together and make sure that we bring it back home right here in Detroit, and we do have a head start, but we could lose it.“ad ahead.

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