Member Meeting

Trump Economics and Its Impact on the Middle Class

11:30 AM

Townsend Hotel

Neera Tanden

President & CEO

Center for American Progress

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About This Meeting

Center for American Progress President & CEO Neera Tanden spoke to the Detroit Economic Club on Tuesday, March 7, 2017, and discussed the Trump administration’s proposed economic agenda.

Tanden shared her insights on the Affordable Care Act repeal developments, a federal infrastructure bill and wage suppression as a result of globalization. She also suggested goals for the short and long term at the state and national levels.

Using Detroit’s comeback story as an example, Tanden discussed the next set of economic challenges. “It’s about how we get growth, whether it’s through infrastructure investments or investments in community colleges that can attract businesses to rural or ex-urban places,” Tanden said. “Over the long-term, [it’s] how we can have an education system that creates a real opportunity for everyone up the pipeline.”

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