Member Meeting

Restoring the Right to Rise in America

11:30 AM

Huntington Place (formerly Cobo Center)

The Honorable Jeb Bush

Former Florida Governor; Honorary Chairman - Right to Rise PAC

Right to Rise PAC

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About This Meeting

Former Florida Governor and Honorary Chairman of the Right to Rise PAC Jeb Bush addressed the Detroit Economic Club Wednesday, February 4th, 2015, on restoring the right to rise in America.

Bush said, “That’s why I’ve launched the Right to Rise PAC, so that someone will speak for people who don’t want to wait for the government to deliver prosperity. They want to earn it themselves. Government isn’t the only issue here; there’s far more at work. But in a sense, fixing government policy is the easiest problem to solve and it’s the one that’s most responsive to the demands of voters.”

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The Honorable Sandy Baruah

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