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Successful Turnarounds: The U.S. Banking Industry and Detroit

11:30 AM

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Bruce Van Saun

Chairman & CEO

Citizens Financial Group

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Citizens Financial Group Chairman & CEO Bruce Van Saun addressed the Detroit Economic Club on Monday, December 7th, about successful turnarounds in the national banking industry as well as Detroit.

The Great Recession served huge blows to the economy – especially in the banking and automotive industries. Through building consumer confidence and trust, the banking industry is now back on track. Van Saun noted Detroit as a great example of a region that weathered the storm of the recession and is now a model for other cities to follow.

“We did not let a good crisis go to waste,” Van Saun said about the Great Recession. “The banking and automotive industries, and this city and region are all on the upswing, on a sustainable path to being stronger than ever.”

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