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The Energy Renaissance – What its Price Cycles Mean to You

11:30 AM

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Ryan Lance

Ryan Lance

Chairman & CEO


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Ryan Lance, Chairman & CEO of ConocoPhillips, spoke to the Detroit Economic Club Wednesday May 25, 2016 and addressed the changes in the energy industry, which he calls the Energy Renaissance.

“Oil and gas are essential to everyday life, in far more ways I think that people realize” said Lance. “We are fortunate to have a role in the U.S. Energy Renaissance and we are experiencing those benefits as a country today. The impacts of the oil and gas downturns go beyond the energy business. We should remain aware that policies could pose threats to the Energy Renaissance. Our country has an incredible base of natural resources that make us the envy of much of the world. We have technology that is second to none and extraordinary capable people. All of us, industry consumers and government officials, we are all in this together. And if we work together, we have all that we need to sustain a strong environment and a strong economy.”

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