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The Shale Gas Advantage: Generating Investment, Creating Chemistry for Industrial Growth in North America

11:30 AM

Detroit Athletic Club

Hans Engel

Chairman & CEO

BASF Corporation

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BASF Corporation Chairman and CEO Hans Engel addressed the Detroit Economic Club Wednesday, September 24th, 2014, on natural gas and the competitive advantage it creates for the United States.

“Energy is a competitive advantage, and from my point of view, that competitive advantage is here to stay,” said Engel. “I don’t think that natural gas, for the next 10 years, will be at four (dollars). It will increase, but I also don’t think it will go higher than seven (dollars), at least that’s what our forecasters keep telling me. That is a significant advantage, but we need to make sure that the infrastructure is there and that we have the skilled labor to really have the trust and the confidence to make these significant investments.”

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