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The Role of Innovation in Meeting 21st Century Housing Challenges

11:30 AM

Westin Book Cadillac

Timothy J. Mayopoulos

President & CEO

Fannie Mae

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On Monday, Nov. 20, Fannie Mae President and CEO Timothy J. Mayopoulos addressed the Detroit Economic Club and talked about financial issues that affect affordable housing and how homeownership should still be a goal for Americans.

“That’s been a tried true method for a long time,” said Mayopoulos. “I think the crisis put a lot of that into doubt, so I think it is a big challenge. We have got to reinstall confidence in housing markets I think for people to come back into that market.”



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Presiding Officer

Ric DeVore

Executive Vice President and Regional President, Detroit & Southeast Michigan

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John Gallagher

Senior Business Columnist

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