Member Meeting

Fixing Michigan’s Talent Crisis

11:30 AM

MotorCity Casino Hotel

Dr. Timothy Meyer


Oakland Community College

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Cynthia Pasky

Founder, President & CEO

Strategic Staffing Solutions

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Andra Rush

Founder, President & CEO

The Rush Group, LLC

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About This Meeting

A workforce panel addressed the Detroit Economic Club Monday, May 1, 2017, and discussed how Michigan employers can help close the gap between the skills they need to run their businesses and the skills available in today’s workforce. With thousands of jobs open, Detroiters need to be ready for the future with education and preparation.

When discussing Detroit’s workforce, Cindy Pasky, CEO and President of Strategic Staffing Solutions, said, “The first thing that everyone needs to remember is Detroiters want to work and Detroiters want jobs.”

Tim Meyer, Chancellor for Oakland Community College, touched on how important it is to start the conversation on skilled trades when children are young, “I think first and foremost we have to understand there is a great demand and it’s an honorable social demand. How do we honor that demand? I would suggest by starting the conversation early on as it relates to careers.”

The future is bright and Andra Rush, Founder and President of Rush Trucking, shares an inspiring and hopeful thought with all present, “I think you have to dream big, you have to have hope, you have to have opportunity. A lot of people that have worked with us are just blossoming in their internal families but also their neighborhoods because it is the art of the possible.”

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