Career Readiness Academy

CRA is designed to teach career readiness skills to high school students throughout S.E. Michigan. During this 6-month virtual journey, the same team of Young Leaders and students connect to explore topics like personal brand, career economics, networking, interview preparation, LinkedIn and how to market yourself. This experience not only provides the opportunity for more personalized attention throughout the eight (8) sessions, but also forges important mentor-mentee relationships.

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CRA Partners

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Curriculum Includes:

  1. Intro to CRA & Personal Brand
  2. LinkedIn + Resumes
  3. Advanced Manufacturing + Skilled Trades - Field Trip
  4. Career Assessment
  5. Career Economics
  6. Interview Skills
  7. Closing Session & Networking
  8. DEC Graduation Meeting - Field Trip

Session 1: Personal Brand

Session Overview: Designed to provide an understanding of what a personal brand is, what impacts it and how to use it for your future.

Virtual Session Resources:

In-person Session Resources:

Session 2: LinkedIn & Resumes

Session Overview: Designed to assist students signing up for a LinkedIn account, building out of their profile page and understanding the value of both LinkedIn and resumes.

Virtual Session Resources:

In-person Session Resources:

Session 3: Advanced Manufacturing, Skilled Trades & Emergency Services Training

Session Overview: Designed to expose students to the vast opportunities in advanced manufacturing, skilled trades and emergency services. This session is made possible by the generous staff at Oakland Community College (OCC) – Auburn Hills Campus.

Session Resources:

*Photo was taken in Feb. 2020

Session 4: Career Assessment

Session Overview: Designed to support students in their career exploration via an interest assessment and analysis of results, as well as one-on-one career coaching.

Virtual Session Resources:

In-person Session Resources:

Additional Resources for In-Person or Virtual

Session 4: Career Economics

Session Overview: Designed to further support students in their career exploration while examining career economics, career education/training, personal budgets and the impact of choices.

Resources for Both Virtual & In-Person:

Virtual Session Resources:

In-Person Session Resources:

Session 6: Interview Skills

Session Overview: Designed to support students with an understanding of the benefits of an elevator pitch and how to prepare for an interview.

Session Resources:

Session 7: Closing Session – Networking and Next Steps

Session Overview: Designed to conclude the CRA journey with a recap of previous sessions, an overview on networking and how students can continue the work of career exploration beyond CRA.

Session Resources:

CRA Alumni Network

The mission of the CRA Alumni Network is to be a resource for CRA student graduates and current CRA students. The goals are:

  • Provide continued engagement with the DEC as future Young Leaders
  • Provide a platform for their early professional network
  • To enhance their business acumen by expanding on the current/past CRA curriculum

  We’re working on some exciting things so stay tuned!