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A Conversation with Jim Hackett

10:00 AM

Ford Field

Jim Hackett

President & CEO

Ford Motor Company

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Ford President & CEO Jim Hackett described the ways Ford — and all organizations — can manage industry transformation by intentionally viewing the world in new ways.

Setting the table for innovation requires questioning the status quo, prioritizing disruptive thinking and empowering leaders at all levels to drive change, he said during his Detroit Economic Club remarks Tuesday. The most interesting innovations in autonomous and connected vehicles all tie back to the user experience.

“Design thinking is a platform for unpacking the way things are and the assumptions about them,” he said.

While scant on details about new products or alliances with other manufacturers, Hackett alluded to bold moves ahead in Ford’s business model.

“‘(20)19 is going to be a year of execution for us. We’re turning the corner. You’re going to be hearing a lot about Ford performance going forward.”



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