Member Meeting

Can the Economy Survive the 2020 Elections?

11:30 AM

Huntington Place (formerly Cobo Center)

Steve Forbes

Chairman & Editor-in-Chief

Forbes Media

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About This Meeting

The Detroit Economic Club heard Monday from media mogul Steve Forbes, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, who discussed forces shaping the future economy. He touched on drivers such as tariffs, underreported minority entrepreneurship, and healthcare, among other topics.

Forbes said this is an opportune time to direct the trajectory of America’s future and shared his predictions with DEC members. Among them, the health care crisis will resolve via free-market forces as people paying deductibles demand cost transparency, and entrepreneurs develop more innovative manufacturing techniques for pharmaceuticals.

Throughout history, Forbes said, every nation goes through pivotal events and evolves. America is experiencing one of those periods now.

“With this election, a lot rides on it in terms of what kind of future, but even though it may look a little discouraging now, we’ve had these debates before. We’ll probably have another in another 40-50 years, but what’s amazing about this country is we always find a way to renew and move ahead.”



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