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Global Security Means Local Problems: Security; Intelligence; Space; Cyber & Politics

11:30 AM

Ford Field

The Honorable Mike Rogers

Former Congressman & Current Host, CNN's Declassified

Director, IronNet Cybersecurity

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About This Meeting

On June 13, the Honorable Mike Rogers, former congressman & current host of CNN’s Declassified, discussed cybersecurity challenges due to today’s proliferation of data and access to technology. “Think about how much information is about every single one of you in this room today online.  It would cost me 20 minutes of computer time to know what used to take me as an agent a year to develop,” said Congressman Rogers.

“Our problem is this, in all of the four countries I named (Russia, China, North Korea and Iran), the government controls the internet,” said Congressman Rogers. “They own it, they can turn it off, they can turn it on. They use it to find dissonance, they use it for their own purposes internal to those countries. We don’t have that, and I don’t believe we should have it.”



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