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Navigating Change: How the Shifting Healthcare Landscape is Accelerating Innovation

11:30 AM

The Masonic

Tim Wentworth


Express Scripts & Cigna Health Services

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Tim Wentworth, President of Express Scripts and Cigna Health Services, spoke to the Detroit Economic Club yesterday. Wentworth described how both Express Scripts, Cigna, and other companies, are working together to leverage technology that shapes the future healthcare model while respecting patient privacy and communication preferences. By using innovation and bringing data together, physicians and patients can use pharmacy data to further value-based treatments.

“Even as we move to a world where the data that is existent in so many different places will be increasingly demanded by that consumer or patient into ways that they can actually integrate and so forth,” Wentworth shared. “Companies like ours, that are able today, to take those large quantities of data from various sources that are today fairly disconnected and pull those data together in a way to not only understand things different but predict and intervene differently.”



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