Member Meeting

No Labels

11:00 AM

MotorCity Casino Hotel

Pat McCrory, Former North Carolina Governor

The Honorable Pat McCrory

Former North Carolina Governor (R)

No Labels National Co-Chair

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Jay Nixon, Former Missouri Governor (R)

The Honorable Jay Nixon

Former Missouri Governor (D)

No Labels Ballot Integrity Project Director

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About This Meeting

The DEC hosted The Honorable Pat McCrory, Former North Carolina Governor (R) and No Labels National Co-Chair, and The Honorable Jay Nixon, Former Missouri Governor (D) and No Labels Ballot Integrity Project Director, on Wednesday, December 13, at The MotorCity Casino Hotel. In a fireside chat with The Detroit News’ Kaitlyn Buss, the former governors discussed No Labels’ plans and why they feel No Labels presents common sense solutions to solve America’s biggest problems and answered questions from the audience.



About No Labels
No Labels has worked to bridge America’s political divide by creating the bipartisan House Problem Solvers Caucus, connecting it with Senate allies, and building a nationwide network to support the campaigns of courageous leaders who are willing to work side by side with members of both parties.

No Labels believes America’s political divisions are becoming so dangerous that they are doing the work to create space for a potential independent Unity presidential ticket – featuring one Democrat and one Republican – in 2024 if America wants it.

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Presiding Officer

Dr. Ora Hirsch Pescovitz


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Kaitlyn Buss

Assistant Editorial Page Editor

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