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Tech Over Torque: Priorities Shift from RPM to EPM (Experiences Per Mile)

11:30 AM

MotorCity Casino Hotel

Dinesh C. Paliwal

President & CEO


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Connected doesn’t have to mean distracted when it comes to in-vehicle infotainment and information, HARMAN’s President and CEO Dinesh C. Paliwal told the Detroit Economic Club during a Monday lunch.

While digital disruption is causing many changes to every industry, especially automotive, the real emphasis going forward is on personalization. Paliwal leads HARMAN and its automotive clients in the current transition to a hyper-personalized focus on “Experiences Per Mile” (EPM). What’s more, 5G technology is opening the door to a world of possibilities for consumers.

“When it comes to distracted driving, the solution is not to stop the drivers from having it – since they are demanding to have their lifestyle wherever they go – but we must figure out how to make vehicles in a way that allows consumers to continue their connected lifestyle,” explained Paliwal.



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