Date: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 Time: 11:30 a.m.

Powering Michigan's Future with Innovative Ideas and Human Capital

Dr. Mark  Schlissel
Dr. Mark Schlissel
University of Michigan
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Big ideas that are born in the state of Michigan don't just stay in Michigan. Michigan ideas benefit the world. They spark revolutions. They build industries and even nations. They transform our way of life. It's the ability to attract, educate, and retain the people who give birth to these ideas that is our greatest shared asset. It's the rising talent, and the companies who employ that talent, that we can leverage, together, to ensure our future.

The biggest problems we face as a society don't conveniently set themselves up to be knocked down by one-source solutions. Problems don't know what discipline they are supposed to fall under; they are just problems. We can bring to bear the intellectual power of 100 programs that are ranked in the top 10, to approach problems from every angle and every perspective.

 Richard   DeVore
Richard DeVore
Executive Vice President and Regional President, Detroit and Southeast Michigan
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.

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October 13, 2015
Gary Heminger
President & CEO
Marathon Petroleum Corporation
Changing Crude Oil Balances and Refining Dynamics
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Tom O'Brien
VP Market Manager
WJR-AM 760
October 16, 2015
His Excellency Arun Kumar Singh
Indian Ambassador to the U.S.
India - U.S. Partnership: New Vision & Dynamism
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October 19, 2015
David Fischer
Chairman & CEO
The Suburban Collection
David Fischer, Jr.
General Manager
The Suburban Collection
DEC Young Leader Series
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The Convergence of Experience and Opportunity
(with a lot of luck)

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October 27, 2015
Bob Moritz
Chairman and Senior Partner
PwC, U.S.
Keeping Millennials Engaged
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November 11, 2015
Ian Bremmer
President & Founder
Eurasia Group
Superpower: Three Choices for America's Role in the World
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November 17, 2015
Michael Dell
Founder, Chairman & CEO
Dell Inc.
A Conversation with Michael Dell
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John Fikany
Vice President
December 07, 2015
Bruce Van Saun
Chairman and CEO
Citizens Financial Group
Successful Turnarounds: The U.S. Banking Industry and Detroit
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George N. Lenyo
Office Managing Partner
December 15, 2015
The Honorable Bridget Mary McCormack
Michigan Supreme Court
The Honorable Robert P Young Jr.
Chief Justice
Michigan Supreme Court
DEC Presents:
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Peter Kellett
Chairman & CEO
Dykema Gossett PLLC