Sponsors & Partners

Sponsorship provides your company with:

  • Access to top C-level executives in Southeastern Michigan
  • Opportunities to network with new and existing associates
Sponsors provide important financial support to help fund operations of the Detroit Economic Club - a 501(c)(3). 


The Value of a DEC Sponsorship

  • Your company’s top-executives will be able to ‘see and be seen’ among other top executives
  • Meet the Speaker and Presiding Officer in the Speaker Reception
  • Host colleagues, customers, vendors and prospects at the highest level.
  • Expand your circle of quality business contacts.
  • Represent your company among your industry peers, competitors and potential clients.

Networking Opportunities

  • The Detroit Economic Club is known as one of the premier networking organizations in the region.
  • Our goal is to provide an opportunity to network and enable our members to connect with the people most likely to impact their business!
  • DEC meetings provide a unique opportunity to greet friends, renew acquaintances and make new contacts.

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Gold members may attend the Speaker Reception and sit at the head table (upon request). All members and guests may attend the DEC Network Café.
  • Increase your opportunity for access with complimentary meeting tickets.
  • Keep your employees informed on today’s top business, government and social issues.
  • Host a table of high school or college students and attend a private question and answer session with the Speaker.
  • Majority of your contribution is tax-deductible!

Forge powerful relationships...

Make valuable connections...

Gain unparalleled exposure... 

Become a DEC Sponsor today!

Did you know?

Many of Michigan's top companies are DEC Sponsors!

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