Young Leader Meeting

DEC Young Leader Series: George W. Hynd, Ed.D.

11:30 AM

Oakland University

George W. Hynd, Ed.D.


Oakland University

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About This Meeting

DEC Young Leaders were asked to reflect on their personal ambition as George W. Hynd, President of Oakland University opened his remarks and dialogue with them. The sold-out meeting was held at Oakland University’s Engineering Center on May 7, 2015.

After highlighting his career path through many distinguished academic institutions, Hynd imparted his thoughts on leadership to the DEC Young Leaders.  He advised them to use anxiety productively and to own their anxiety, not let it own them.  He also stressed the power of informal contacts throughout their careers and the need for a sense of humor.

A Q&A session followed with questions ranging from how he and his family have dealt with his many cross-country moves to the importance of writing and being able to think and communicate clearly. Afterwards, Young Leaders enjoyed their choice of a tour of the Bloomberg Lab or the Engineering Center.

Many thanks to President Hynd and Oakland University for their generosity and for making this meeting possible.

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