Member Meeting

Detroit Lions Kickoff Lunch

11:30 AM

Ford Field

About This Meeting

The Detroit Lions visited the Detroit Economic Club Wednesday August 31stĀ for the 20th anniversary Kickoff Luncheon and covered a wide range of topics including their upcoming season.

Head Coach Jim Caldwell said, “One of the things that you learn each and every year is that your team is different from the year before. The make-up of it, the feel of it evolves over the year; so does how the players work and take on tasks. This group has four really unique things that help them stand out. Number one is that they have great leadership. When you walk into a room with them you will see that we have guys who are strong leaders who are aiding the younger guys. Number two is that they have accountability. They take responsibility for when things go well or when things don’t go so well and they are eager to work and correct any issues that they might have. Number three, they have great character. The character in this group is something that you just can’t underscore. The fourth thing is talent. You have to have talent. Guys that can catch, guys that can block and tackle, so I think we have a great group and a great coaching staff, so we are looking forward to the season.”

In a roundtable discussion hosted by Fox 2 broadcasters Dan Miller and Jennifer Hammond, questions ranged from hopes for the season to Golden Tate’s former ritual of eating five scoops of ice cream before a game.

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