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The Honorable Gary Johnson

11:30 AM

Westin Book Cadillac

The Honorable Gary Johnson

U.S. Presidential Candidate (Libertarian Party) & Two-Term New Mexico Governor

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About This Meeting

U.S. Presidential Candidate (Libertarian Party) Gary Johnson addressed the Detroit Economic Club September 14th, proposing that there will be certainty when it comes to cutting taxes as well as “rules and regulations will only get better from a common sense standpoint.”

“What I would do as president is create certainty,” said Johnson. “With certainty, taxes will be simplified and I will sign on to any proposal that simplifies or reduces taxes. As governor of New Mexico, over an eight year period, this has never happened before, not one penny of tax went up anywhere. Given that kind of certainty, it would be wonderful to sign on to reduction in taxes, but in an environment of certainty I suggest that business does have confidence and that jobs do grow.”

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