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The Divided City: Poverty and Prosperity in Urban America

11:30 AM

The Masonic

Alan Mallach


The Divided City

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Maurice Cox

Planning & Development Director

City of Detroit

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About This Meeting

Alan Mallach, noted urban planner and author of “The Divided City”, and Maurice Cox, Planning and Development Director for the City of Detroit, addressed the Detroit Economic Club on February 12, 2019 to share their unique perspectives on Detroit’s neighborhood revival efforts and what needs to be done to remove barriers to equality.

Mallach stated, “I think both corporations and foundations should be saying, ‘How can we invest in ways that strategically move those needles?’ Not things that look good or feel good for this week or this month. But have significant sustained change.”

“I think it’s really important to understand Detroit is at the forefront of experimentation and exploration and neighborhood revitalization,” said Cox. “These are pilots we’re going to learn as we go along…We are going to learn something from each of them and bring those lessons to the next crop of the neighborhoods.”



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Bankole Thompson

Opinion Columnist, The Detroit News & Editor-In Chief, The PuLSE Institute

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