Member Meeting

The U.S. Economy and the State of the U.S. Auto Industry

11:30 AM

Dearborn Inn Marriott

Mike Jackson

Chairman & CEO

AutoNation, Inc.

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About This Meeting

AutoNation, Inc. Chairman and CEO Mike Jackson addressed the Detroit Economic Club on Thursday, November 6th, 2014, on how the U.S. economy is being driven by housing, energy and automotive industries.

A primary focus was the rebound of the auto industry, and how it will continue to positively affect the U.S. economy.

“Overall, I’m extremely optimistic. I’m optimistic about the American economy. The worst is behind us, we finally have a faster growth rate. I’m optimistic about the auto industry, I see 17 million units next year. The fundamental economy is going to be better. Rates are still going to be very low. Maybe they go up 50 basis points, something like that. Gasoline prices are going to be low, 17 million most likely is going to happen next year,” said Jackson.

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