Young Leader Meeting

Tom Lewand

4:30 PM

Shinola Headquarters

Tom Lewand



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About This Meeting

DEC Young Leaders met with Tom Lewand, CEO of Shinola on November 7, 2019. This sold-out meeting was held at Shinola Headquarters in Detroit.

Tom shared the history of Shinola, what it means to be a Detroit brand and how they are diversifying their product offerings with strategic purpose. He stated, “Detroit has supported this brand. It wasn’t just a vision… it was the community who embraced it.”

Tom mentioned that we are all individuals in a larger tapestry. Together, however, we can create something much better and that’s the mentality they have created at Shinola.
A Q&A session followed which focused on Detroit’s evolution, the watch business and what’s next for Shinola’s brand.

The evening concluded with a tour of the Shinola Factory.

Many thanks to Tom and Shinola for their generosity and making this meeting possible!

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